Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Newer poems

Chocolate man
Balding chocolate man looking at me
tie died purple alien shirt
zero amount of sleep
day glow friend moving
one pillow for two heads
uncomfortable empty cranberry juice
air smells like moldy bread
slammed door
cold white van
all alone crying
my eyes see you
brand new you
chocolate with a side of prescription
no digits in hand
wait your turn
only two years
dark like turns into fire
oven filled with screams
my first impression
went so well

About ten shots
About ten shots shot down
wicker basket filled to the top
spilling over into gray morsels
a lifeless body sunk in the pollution
only seconds to revive
drive within seconds into brown bath water
A mother's concern about to come true

Aloofa sponge squished in hand
pouring down each birth mark
eyes rolled back in head
no response
laughing is not an option
cleaning the mess with an open eye
dribbling in embarrassment
white towels changed

Picking up comedy through a lens
the audience sees a black man and a white man
discussing politics would be unfair
conversations of Saddam Hussein's sex life
Satan and Saddam butt fucking
no image beforehand
only a girl who doesn't commit

Raw Meat
Flipping raw meat in the air
the uniforms glowing
a field of chest hair popping out
stop turning me on
boy with Ben Savage hair

Greasy Salt Shakers
Greasy salt shakers
moldy brown teeth
side salads with fingertips
he is touching my v-line from behind
the trash is overflowing
eat the feta cheese
because real men have hair

He has DSLs
The shape of spicy chicken
smiles from red hair
eating cold chicken strips

Mayonnaise flipped on tee shirts
multiple coffee stains on necks
the morning crew kissing
with observation from
John Travolta and a missing ear

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  1. I liked Chocolate man. You have a real talent picking out glimpses of things and relaying them in photograph fashion. It gets a little repetitive that you use the technique so heavily throughout the works BUT I enjoyed it in Chocolate Man the most.