Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two newer poems

Cheese Pizza with James Taylor

“Steamroller” playing in the background

James Taylor jumping like David Lee Roth

and playing the guitar with his teeth

afraid to turn towards Jon

tears splashed on the back of my neck

we both gravitate towards the
pizza napkin

no more cheese pizza but two empty

spots for necks

Track 12

Necks rubbing in the dark

my upset stomach ruining the moment

he is finally listening

to the sounds of Simon and Garfunkel

playing Bridge Under Troubled Waters

our criss cross fingers leading towards friendships

only voices of roommates voices making hot dogs

no worries were alone together

but when track 12 is over, so is the romance

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two new poems

The Doors

Room full of doors

Each door is shaped differently

One door is shaped like lust

One door is shaped like love

Grabbing towards love I hesitate

Lust is so intriguing

So many colors for such a short period

Just a peek inside

Visions of bodies moving up and down

Lips intersect with other lips

On the far wall is a plaque

“No Love No Lust”

Only filtered sounds of Barry White move around

Shutting the door I had to wonder

Lust will always be

Love door opens slightly

The air smells like fresh rain drops

Sounds of Barry Manilow pound through the atmosphere

So many colors of pinks and whites

There are no bodies

Love seems so dull without different colors

Vanilla is the key smell

Vanilla perfume, Vanilla cupcakes and Vanilla sofas

Looking further into love

Only cardboard cut outs of hearts

Petting a puppy on a pillow

A small cut appears

Is it true?

The cliché of love hurts

Maybe lust was the way to go

DJ’s vs. Blockbusters

Garbage Pail Kids the movie is sitting in comedy

Where is Pee Wee’s Big Adventure?

Chairy and Globy need to be in my heart

Action and Adventure section is full of biceps and hair gel

But the romance section should be called Hugh Grant

Moving up the aisle and seeing crunch bars and Laffy Taffy

My eyes meet

Romeo, I am your Juliet

DJ’s video and Blockbuster hates us being together

Obviously Romeo and Juliet turn out great

Married with children

Wait a minute, what?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Language Poets

I have always been interested in language poetry. There are so many weird poets experimenting with the English language. The first poet I read was Susan Howe. The first poem I read was "Speeches at the Barriers". I have no idea what the poem is about but the language is so beautiful. She used a lot of the same consonants. She used a lot of "f"s, "s"s, "g"s and "w"s. When read out loud, the words seemed like a tongue twister. I would like to know why she used so many similar consonants. Maybe the effect of using the words was for the use of the reader to actually read the poem out loud and not so much to read to his or herself. One of the most compelling lines in her poem is in part one stanza six: "old woman prowling genial telling her story". The image I got from the line was the woman from Mary Poppins. The woman who is feeding the birds. This woman has a story to tell and it is an interesting story. From far away, she looks old but from close up she has beauty in her past. In White Foolscap, Howe is playing with the way she ranges her poems. I prefer the poems not to be crazy positions because it seems to busy for my brain to concentrate. There were two poems that I actual preferred. The poem started with "Running ring" was actually very interesting. The poem is about a wren and her child but the way the poem is formed makes me wonder why she did that. The poem is in a "s" shape. She rhymes and uses alliteration to make her point. The second poem is underneath the "Running rings" poem and most of the words are combined with other words. I did not realize the poems were under one poem called "White Foolscap". I do like the repeating of "I can retrac my steps I who crawl between thwarts Do not come down the ladder i for I haveaten it a way". Susan Howe combines words for emphasis. For an example of her combining words "re trac Iwho haveaten". I have no explanation for why she did that but when I read the words out loud I started to realize the sounds of the words. By using field composition, Susan Howe makes the reader realize the most important aspect of poetry, the words. Lyn Hejinian I like and dislike. Her poetry scheme is a new technique called "the new sentence". "The new sentence" is combining sentences that do not have any connection to any of the sentences. I read Lyn Hejinian's "My Life" fall term and I struggled to understand the concept. I like the way she wrote "My Life". I like actually using the concept of "the new sentence" for good use. When I actually tried the concept I guess I misunderstood and messed up the poem. I like that I have more of a chance to explore more strange and unusual concepts.

Monday, May 4, 2009

One boy four poems

Zombie Game
Gummy worms piling on the dinner plate
fresh glass of beer bubbling with sounds of pops
pieces of beards falling down to the ground
glass tables viewed from around the corner
four people playing a zombie game
wanna join?

Track 12
Rubbing necks in the dark
Upset stomach ruining the moment
Jon is finally listening
To the sounds of Simon and Garfunkel
When track 12 is over, so is the romance

Yelling at passing motorists
Walk in the cross walk
Wanna get hit by two yelling motorists
Keep on walking
Because one day I'll be the pedestrian
getting hit by you

Bathrooms Open
Tapping my fingers slowly on a notebook
I think I'm almost done
Done waiting for an opening
talking to fellow bed wetters
loud thump
bathrooms open