Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two new poems

The Doors

Room full of doors

Each door is shaped differently

One door is shaped like lust

One door is shaped like love

Grabbing towards love I hesitate

Lust is so intriguing

So many colors for such a short period

Just a peek inside

Visions of bodies moving up and down

Lips intersect with other lips

On the far wall is a plaque

“No Love No Lust”

Only filtered sounds of Barry White move around

Shutting the door I had to wonder

Lust will always be

Love door opens slightly

The air smells like fresh rain drops

Sounds of Barry Manilow pound through the atmosphere

So many colors of pinks and whites

There are no bodies

Love seems so dull without different colors

Vanilla is the key smell

Vanilla perfume, Vanilla cupcakes and Vanilla sofas

Looking further into love

Only cardboard cut outs of hearts

Petting a puppy on a pillow

A small cut appears

Is it true?

The cliché of love hurts

Maybe lust was the way to go

DJ’s vs. Blockbusters

Garbage Pail Kids the movie is sitting in comedy

Where is Pee Wee’s Big Adventure?

Chairy and Globy need to be in my heart

Action and Adventure section is full of biceps and hair gel

But the romance section should be called Hugh Grant

Moving up the aisle and seeing crunch bars and Laffy Taffy

My eyes meet

Romeo, I am your Juliet

DJ’s video and Blockbuster hates us being together

Obviously Romeo and Juliet turn out great

Married with children

Wait a minute, what?

1 comment:

  1. First poem has moments, but they mostly consist of the two Barrys and all the vanilla bits. The rest feels too loose & general.

    "DJ's vs. Blockbuster" is light and silly, but it has its merits. The "vs. Blockbuster" structure doesn't really play out in the poem; it's mostly just about how all the titles at DJ's are organized really weirdly. Maybe you should focus on that, and maybe also expand on the Romeo & Juliet moment (is there a way to make the "us" more literal, to tie it into your "men" theme somehow?).